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The First Lady of Gullah™

Anita Singleton-Prather has been designated as “The First Lady of Gullah™”

Anita Singleton-Prather

A native of the Sea Islands in Beaufort County, SC, Anita Singleton-Prather is an educator, singer, actress, storyteller, historian and a director/producer.  She is a member of the musical performance group the Gullah Kinfolk, which she founded. The character she plays is “Aunt Pearlie Sue”, which is based on her grandmother and she has been entertaining audiences with Gullah inspired folktales for many years.

An accomplished artist

Some of Anita’s acting roles include Forrest Gump, God’s Gonna Trouble the Water, My Man Done Me Wrong, Circle Unbroken and her Tales From the Land of Gullah aired on PBS. Ron Small, Senior Partner at Anchor Media Group, has worked with Anita on numerous projects over the years with the latest being “Circle Unbroken” (now available on DVD).

Educator and entertainer

Most people are not aware that the vast majority of slaves arrived in America through the sea islands of South Carolina, the birthplace of our Gullah culture. Anita’s stories allow an insight into the history of these African Americans. Her Gullah heritage and broad experience as an actress and storyteller permit her to entertain as she educates. Audiences learn about Gullah customs, music and traditions familiar to some while introducing the past to younger generations. This website showcases a number of Aunt Pearlie-Sue’s most beloved performances.

Tales from the Land of Gullah (DVD)

Tales from the Land of Gullah for Kids (DVD)Prather stars as Aunt Pearlie-Sue in the enchanting program that will bring laughs and tears. Lavish sets, exquisite photography and classic spiritual singing by The Gullah Kinfolk will leave you wanting more. Length: 60:00 (Click here)

Tales from the Land of Gullah for Kids (DVD)

These classic stories are better than ever. Your kids and grandkids will sing, dance and have a ball when Aunt Pearlie-Sue takes over.  Length: 44:00 (Click here)

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Welcome to the world of Gullah

Gullah CultureThank you for visiting Gullah.TV where you will learn about the Gullah Geechee people, their unique culture and rich history. Although the source of the word Gullah has not been wholly established, many historians believe that the Gullah people and their language have African origins. The Gullah and Geechee culture evolved from the Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia. Gullah is THE genesis of the African culture and Beaufort, South Carolina is its’ home.

The Gullah people are direct descendants of slaves who labored on the rice plantations in South Carolina and Georgia. Today they live in rural communities in the coastal region and on the Sea Islands of those states. Modern Gullah retains many elements of African language and culture. It is estimated that most of the slaves that came to America arrived via these sea islands. The vast majority of blacks in America can trace their roots to this area. Learn more about Gullah origins here and see Charleston’s African-American Heritage.

Our Purpose

The objective of this website is to educate the public about the Gullah culture and create awareness of the history, distinctive music, unique crafts, delicious food and extraordinary art and crafts of the Gullah people. In addition to the images, videos and content on this website, we also produce exclusive Gullah music CDs and DVD videos that will entertain and enlighten people of all ages.

Our Products

Gullah - Black HistoryOur catalog of music and videos continues to expand. Our latest DVD “Circle Unbroken” is a Gullah Journey from Africa to America. It is a dazzling and moving visual celebration of the Gullah people in words and music, by one of America’s preeminent cultural ambassadors; Anita Singleton-Prather, “the First Lady of Gullah™ and The Gullah Kinfolk (also available as an audio CD). Additionally, we have other DVDs and music CDs that will delight and entertain you.

Our Promise

We are committed to excellence and in telling the Gullah story in a historically accurate way utilizing the talents of some of the most respected contemporary Gullah authorities. Our DVD videos are crammed full of stories that offer an insight into the history and culture of the Gullah people.

Gullah Story Teller Carolyn White speaking Gullah and English

This video will give you a taste of the Gullah culture and language.

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